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The proposed Zoolander sequel we first reported on back in February seems to have overcome that recent budget squabble (the same one that nixed all hope for an Anchorman 2), with unnecessarily handsome screenwriter and probable director Justin Theroux telling Entertainment Weekly that he and Ben Stiller are currently making a “few little tweaks” before submitting it to the studio, and that he’s “very optimistic” that it will get made. Which isn’t surprising: If you were Justin Theroux, you’d be very optimistic about everything. Why wouldn’t you be?

Anyway, although the details of the film are still being kept secret, Theroux did confirm that it would concern a now-approaching-40 version of Stiller’s Zoolander and Owen Wilson’s Hansel working on clawing their way back into the fashion business (perhaps as L.L. Bean models?), and that Will Ferrell’s Mugatu is expected to return. However, Zoolander 2 will also add a new villain, one that was specifically written for Jonah Hill. (We told you this already; don’t act so surprised.) Knowing that the role was specifically created for Jonah Hill probably gives you some idea of what his central conflict will likely be with the slender, chiseled world of male modeling. That’s right: It doesn’t have enough Persians.


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