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Illustration for article titled Zombies injured on emResident Evil/em set, possibly upsetting Milla Jovovich

According to authorities in Toronto, some 16 actors playing zombie extras were caught in a stage collapse during the filming of Resident Evil: Retribution, the upcoming fifth installment in the video game-spawned, now self-replicating franchise. Fortunately none of their injuries are considered life-threatening, though everyone involved—most of whom fell up to 20 feet, sustaining injuries to their legs and backs—were immediately taken to hospitals. Unfortunately for them, “the victims' costumes made it more difficult for crews to assess the severity of their injuries”—which is something we’ve never considered before, but yes, treating someone dressed as a zombie probably would be very confusing for a paramedic. Something to consider this Halloween, or any other time you are dressed as a zombie around industrial areas. Anyway, always focusing on the important angles, the Associated Press adds, “It is not known if lead actress Milla Jovovich was on set at the time of the accident.” Here’s hoping Jovovich was safely ensconced in her trailer, mentally going over her character’s motivations, as the sight could well have proved very traumatizing.


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