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Illustration for article titled iZombieland/is Ruben Fleischer teases a potential spin-off about Zoey Deutchs Madison
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It took a long time to get one sequel to Zombieland and it will probably take just as long to get another, but Zombieland and Zombieland: Double Tap director Ruben Fleischer has an idea for how to get back to the land of zombies a little quicker—though it won’t involve out old friends Columbus and Tallahassee. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Fleischer said that he would “love to do a Madison standalone movie,” referring to the new character played by Zoey Deutch. He says she has a story that “remains to be written” and would “be a fun thing to go find out,” so he doesn’t have specific concept in mind for a solo Madison spin-off movie, but he’d be interested in figuring one out.


The Madison spin-off movie would certainly have a different tone than the sort of hipper-than-this snarky vibe of the mainline Zombieland movies, with Fleischer noting elsewhere in this THR chat that she’s “pretty dumb.” Rather than coming up with fun ways to kill zombies and fun things to do in the post-apocalypse country, it could be like a Mr. Bean thing where she just haplessly stumbles through the world and accidentally kills zombies, which actually sounds entertaining. She’d probably need a charismatic foil to play off of, but we’re not here to write the movie for Fleischer.

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