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Zombieland 2 is probably happening, now that it has a new logo

Sony has given its first hint in years that a sequel to Ruben Fleischer’s surprisingly delightful undead road trip Zombieland is still in the works, releasing a logo for the movie at its CinemaCon presentation a few nights ago. (That, or the studio is just trolling us, not to mention the poor graphic designer that they apparently told to “make it look like the first one, but with some more blood on it. Oh yeah, and a 2.”)


Zombieland 2 faces something of a casting problem, in that the original movie’s already-established roster has only gotten bigger, busier, and more famous in the seven years since Fleischer’s first film cardioed its way into theaters. (You might have recently caught star Jesse Eisenberg playing “supervillain Mark Zuckerberg” in a little indie film that came out last month.) And if you’re wondering why Fleischer—who’s still loosely attached to direct, because it’s not like anybody’s clamoring for Gangster Squad: The Reckoning or 31 Minutes Or Lessdoesn’t just cast himself a replacement Woody Harrelson, you might want to look to the cautionary tale of Amazon’s shuttered TV adaptation, which was “hated out of existence” by the movie’s ardent, imitation-hating fans.

[via ComicBook.com]

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