She may be biased, considering her biggest movies to date have been major sci-fi franchises (Star Trek, Avatar, and now Guardians Of The Galaxy), but Zoe Saldana says that for actresses in Hollywood, all the best roles are in space. Saldana recently sat down for an interview with the Alamo Drafthouse’s monthly magazine BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH, and when asked why she keeps returning to the sci-fi genre, her answer was telling:

I like being in space because there are better parts for women in space. I don’t have to subject myself to just being the love interest or playing a character that doesn’t feel relevant to the story or playing a woman that doesn’t feel like an actual depiction of a real woman.


It’s a pretty damning indictment of Hollywood that an actress, to feel as though she’s playing a real woman, has to slather herself in green body paint and pretend to be an intergalactic assassin. But considering Saldana’s other options are probably either playing one-dimensional love interests in mainstream comedies, or being pulled out of exploding cars by Vin Diesel, the choice is an obvious one: Go to space.