With experience donning blue skin in Avatar and whatever you want to call this in the Nina Simone biopic, Zoe Saldana may soon be dipped in an all-new coat of paint to play the green-skinned Gamora in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. Chris Pratt and WWE wrestler Dave Bautista have already been cast as Star-Lord and Drax The Destroyer, respectively, and now Saldana is negotiating to join them as the adopted daughter of Thanos—a relationship complicated by the self-doubt that maybe Thanos would love his real daughter more, and also because he’s a supervillain trying to kill everyone in the universe. Anyway, provided Saldana does not find a better offer to paint herself a more attractive shade elsewhere, maybe a nice lavender, that leaves only two remaining Guardians to be cast: the tree-man Groot and Rocket Raccoon. Though of course, these characters will likely be portrayed through CGI/motion-capture, given that there are so few tree-men and wisecracking raccoons who don’t prefer stage work to the vulgarities of film.