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Zoë Kravitz to star in Disney's High Fidelity TV series

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Photo: Dia Dipasupil (Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)

According to Variety, Disney’s still-mysterious streaming service is getting a TV series based on High Fidelity, the Nick Hornby novel that was previously adapted into a John Cusack-starring movie the same name. This adaptation will, once again, be about a sad-sack record store owner who is obsessed with pop culture and making lists of things (ugh, what a nerd!), but the twist this time around—as we reported earlier this year—is that the record store owner will be a woman. Zoë Kravitz is now set to star, which is a fun reference all on its own due to the fact that her mother, Lisa Bonet, appeared in the original Cusack movie.


The Disney streaming service won’t launch for a long time, so we’ve got some time to contemplate who will take over for the Jack Black character or the Bruce Springsteen character.

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