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Zoe Kazan will fight something in horror film There Are Monsters, probably monsters

In Your Eyes

People often talk about how noteworthy it is that Jaws waits so long to reveal the shark, or Alien before you actually see an alien. Less discussed is the fact that, even if the movie waits a long time to reveal the creature, the titles have no such compunction. You know what you’re getting into. And since titles are always the thing that make or break a movie, it’s good to see director Bryan Bertino (The Strangers) lock down the quality of his next film. Variety reports that Zoe Kazan is set to star in There Are Monsters, a horror film scheduled to begin filming this summer, and which tells you right away that yes, there are monsters.

Much like the helpful title of the Grover-starring The Monster At The End Of This Book, Kazan will be faced with the inevitability of confronting a monster, though it’s unclear if she, too, will learn that the only monster present is herself. She plays a mother who, along with her young daughter, is “trapped and tormented by a merciless creature—with only a mother’s protective love, her most primal instinct, able to save them.” Fortunately, Kazan is well-acquainted with nightmarish situations, having appeared in It’s Complicated. Also, Kazan will have the advantage of being able to watch The Babadook in order to know how to fight, since this sounds exactly like that film.


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