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With all the stunts Tom Holland has to do as Spider-Man, it can become quite a dangerous job. He doesn’t do everything, but even just wearing his skin-tight mask has co-star Zendaya recoiling with worry. In a new interview with MTV News, while Holland was out sick, Zendaya and co-star Jacob Batalon talked about Spider-Man Far From Home and how they do not envy Holland’s suit at all. While Batalon said he wouldn’t wish that thing on his worst enemy, Zendaya shared a very real fear she thinks about often: Holland getting ill, vomitting and then suffocating in it while in his tight, not-easily-escapable suit, and then dying. Seems elaborate, but it’s not an entirely implausible concern.


“I get scared all the time like, what if he’s working so hard that he throws up. And then he can’t— he chokes!” she expressed. They mentioned earlier that the suit used for filming has a mask that can’t just come off because it’s all attached for that more streamlined look, akin to a morphsuit. So if someone doesn’t get to him in enough time in this imaginary scenario, Holland could bite the dust in the grossest possible manner. “I think about it all the time! That’s really scary.” Batalon agrees, saying she makes a valid point. “Cause I look at him like ‘Please, I hope he never gets sick,’” she adds.

You get the sense that this poor woman truly has put some serious thought into how Holland could die this horrific way. They know better than most how inconvenient and hazardous the costume is thanks to Holland’s many stories. apparently. So if Zendaya is genuinely concerned about the vomit-induced death, then Holland needs to make sure not to eat something super spicy, heavy, or expired before any takes, especially one with the superhero’s iconic flips and tricks.

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