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K.C. Undercover

Sony and Marvel’s Avengers-friendly Spider-Man reboot is still shrouded in mystery, much like a tiny pest that has scurried behind a bookshelf and won’t be seen again until it’s laying eggs in your brain while you sleep—but at least the web-slinger’s supporting cast has just added another member. This comes from Deadline, which says Disney Channel veteran Zendaya will be appearing alongside Tom Holland’s new Spider-Man and Marisa Tomei’s new Aunt May.

Deadline reports that no one knows if Zendaya will be a romantic lead in the reboot, but apparently her character is someone named Michelle. Considering that Peter Parker has only had two major love interests in the comics (and the fact that people flip out when these movies deviate too much from the source material), it seems like a safe assumption that this Michelle won’t be making out with Spidey any time soon. It does seem odd that Sony would cast Peter Parker, Aunt May, and then some rando named Michelle, so perhaps there’s more going on here than the studio is willing to share. “Michelle” could be a fake name, and Sony is gauging the internet’s reaction before it announces that Zendaya is playing Mary Jane Watson or Gwen Stacy. Or maybe Sony is just going to go totally off-the-wall with this Spider-Man reboot and Michelle will turn out to be Madame Web or something.


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