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Zemo and Sharon Carter will stop by Disney+'s The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

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The final scene of Avengers: Endgame raised the profile of Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson considerably in the MCU, with old Steve Rogers giving him the Captain America shield, and in that moment the idea of him and Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes getting their own Disney+ spin-off show suddenly became much more interesting. Now, thanks to Deadline, we have a little bit more information about The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, with Kari Skogland signing on to direct all six episodes of the streaming series. Skogland has directed a few episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale and the pilot of AMC’s vampire car show NOS4A2.


Deadline’s story also has a couple of other interesting details, including the fact that “sources” say both Daniel Bruhl and Emily VanCamp from Captain America: Civil War are in talks to join the series, reprising their roles as Helmut Zemo and Sharon Carter (The Hollywood Reporter has since confirmed that they’re joining the show). Assuming this takes place after Endgame, which Deadline believes is the case, it should be interesting to catch up with Zemo after his attempt to break up the Avengers resulted in the team being fractured when Thanos came to town in Infinity War. Would he regret making Tony and Cap fight? Probably not, especially since everything worked out alright, but this would at least give him another chance to put on a purple ski mask like in the comics.

As for Sharon Carter, Cap is sort of her great-uncle now (depending on how you interpret his Endgame story), and they totally kissed in Civil War. Game Of Thrones may be over, but the trope of characters unknowingly kissing their relatives isn’t going anywhere. Anyway, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier will hit Disney+ in August of 2020.

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