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Screenshot: YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99Op1TaXmCw)

You, skeptical reader, are right to be suspicious anytime a corporation asks for your personal information (up to and including images of your face) in exchange for some tiny, fleeting novelty. Maybe it’s harmless, maybe it’s just another piece of yourself you’re offering up for a pittance. But on this occasion, perhaps we can set aside our rational, dubious minds and just enjoy this one perfect result for what it is.

Give this a look:


In case you’ve never seen and/or are unfamiliar with the voice cast of Disney’s Aladdin (the animated one from 1992), the Genie was expertly voiced by actor/comedian/sorely missed national treasure Robin Williams, a performance so good that the Golden Globes gave him a “special achievement award,” which is basically just a way of saying “wow, we don’t have a category for this, but that was really something.”

Zelda Williams is an actor and filmmaker herself. In case the last name didn’t give it away, Robin Williams was her father. So yes, we are cautious and wary and all of those things, and yes, 99 percent of the results to that and all similar filters are incredibly boring and we just swipe right past them, but that is a lovely little moment of coincidence or kismet, take your pick. We’re glad it brought her such joy.

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