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Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s first DLC adds a ton of stuff, lets you dress as Tingle

Art: Nintendo

Just when you thought you might be done with Nintendo’s gargantuan fantasy adventure, the publisher has announced the details of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’s first post-release content. Launching in the summer, this initial round of DLC, dubbed The Master Trials, will come with a handful of new modes and tools that are aimed at players looking to jump back into Hyrule and search for those last few shrines, as well as the most hardcore adventurers who want to make the game even more challenging.

The Tial Of The Sword (Screenshot: Nintendo)

The centerpiece of the expansion is the “Trial Of The Sword,” a special combat gauntlet that strips Link of his equipment and pits him against 45 rooms of enemies. According to Nintendo, players who manage to complete the trial will get an upgrade to the Master Sword that makes it permanently stay in its powered-up state. The DLC also introduces a new “hard” mode where enemies will appear in stronger forms, regenerate their health, and be more perceptive.

For players who are more interested in exploration, Master Trials comes with a new feature called “Hero’s Path,” which tracks your footsteps over the last 200 hours of playtime and draws them out on your map, giving you a better idea of where you have and haven’t been. There’s also the “Travel Medallion,” an item that lets you turn your current location into a temporary fast-travel point. (That’ll definitely come in handy for some time-sensitive shrine quests.) Even more useful is the “Korok Mask,” which will shake to let you know a hidden critter is nearby. And of course, there’ll be a bevy of neat equipment that calls back to Zelda history, including Majora’s Mask, Midna’s Helmet from Twilight Princess, the Phantom Armor from Phantom Hourglass, and the most important new addition of all, Tingle’s unitard.

The Hero’s Path (Screenshot: Nintendo)

The Master Trials is only available in a $20 bundle with a second expansion that is scheduled to launch during the holiday season. According to Nintendo, that as-of-yet unnamed second DLC features a new dungeon and “a new original story.”


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