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Zack Snyder's Justice League trilogy would've been real cool if the first one hadn't been so bad

Illustration for article titled em/emZack Snyders iJustice League /itrilogy wouldve been real cool if the first one hadnt been so bad
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Zack Snyder is ready to move on to his first project since stepping aside from Justice League, but Kevin Smith apparently has some insight on what could’ve been if Snyder had stuck with Justice League and—presumably—if the movie hadn’t turned out so lousy. On a recent episode of his Fatman Beyond podcast (via Syfy Wire), Smith revealed that he met up with some people who worked on Justice League when he visited the set of Star Wars: Episode IX and the showed him all sorts of secret information about what Snyder and Warner Bros. had planned for a Justice League trilogy.


For starters, Smith says the one Justice League movie we did get would’ve originally ended with boring CG villain Steppenwolf getting his butt beat by the good guys and then being transported back to his home planet. At that point, the League would’ve met big DC villain Darkseid, setting up the sequel. Also, an earlier version of the film had Green Lantern showing up to save the day instead of Superman, and Justice League 2 would’ve had the League working with the Green Lantern Corps. to go fight Darkseid. They would’ve lost, though, setting up the overplayed Empire Strikes Back-style bummer ending and leading to a third movie that was—as Smith puts—literally just the Justice League fighting Darkseid’s army on a “devastated” Earth.

Basically, there would’ve been a lot of big, comic book-y moments that fans would’ve thought were cool, but it also would’ve been three more grim superhero movies where bad things happen and everybody’s miserable.

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