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Zack Snyder wants to do his Zack Snyder thing to George Washington next

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American history is cool, or at least cooler than every other country’s stupid history, but it’s still pretty boring overall. Despite all of the wars and democratically held elections, the history of the United States is missing an extra little bit of pop that would really make it worth learning about. Like, maybe the Founding Fathers could be just a little bit more muscular, and maybe they could’ve done a lot more slow-motion posing and punching. Basically, what American history needs is Zack Snyder, and—thankfully—it might just get him.

According to an interview with Bloomberg Business (via io9), the Batman V. Superman director wants to make a movie about George Washington someday that’ll be “in the style of 300.” He even has a print of Emanual Leutze’s “Washington Crossing The Delaware” in his office, and he says that the painting “looks like 300,” so the movie would just look like that painting. Then, in a quote that kind of encapsulates his entire career, Snyder adds that envisioning a movie like that is “not that hard.”


Snyder’s 300-like spin on George Washington is obviously not in the works yet, but it shows what kind of projects he might want to take on once he’s done with the Justice League movies.

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