Screenshot: Zack Snyder Justice League Star Wars Trailer: Dark Side Knight Vs. Super Jedi

Hack auteur Zack Snyder recently released a mashup of this year’s insufferable, borderline-unwatchable Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and last year’s sufferable, totally watchable Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the result sparkles with Snyder’s signature shitty incoherence and portentousness. In the trailer, clips of his film feature new Lucasfilm elements—here a Millennium Falcon, there a Vader helmet—with an audio montage of mostly Star Wars quotes. It begins with a striking image of the Death Star looming above Metropolis, but soon it turns dark. Snyder dark. He originally uploaded the video to the social media app Vero, but for now, here’s a YouTube link:

“FALSE JEDI” is scrawled across Superman’s chest, in thrilling homage to the overwrought talk of gods and men that suffused Snyder’s long, dark-blue opus. The Star Wars quotes, at first seeming to suggest a weird alternate plot line in which Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine detect the presence of Superman and conspire against him, eventually become a jumble of nonsense: Batman is Darth Vader?


The sense of knowing something dire and manly is occurring but not giving a shit about it is one of the hallmarks of Snyder’s style, and so in that sense, this truly is a signature work. He was, at one point, rumored to be in the mix for a Seven Samurai-style film in the new Star Wars universe, but that quickly proved false. This new application for the gig proves why we should be thankful for that, as well.