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Zack Snyder is directing a Justice League movie, obviously

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The Justice League always needs a good reason to team up. The universe must be facing a threat so dire that it doesn’t just need the combined might of heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Green Lantern—who can all do pretty much anything—but also lesser heroes who can only do a few things like The Flash, Aquaman, and Batman. An alien bomb is going to blow up the Earth, and they need more than one guy to run around the globe really fast or something! Or there’s a really heavy thing that can be lifted by only two superheroes, but they need a really smart guy to coordinate it! Something is happening underwater! Call the Justice League!

Now, finally and as predicted by everyone, Warner Bros. has answered that call and announced over the weekend that it is planning to make a full-on Justice League movie after the shockingly still-untitled Man Of Steel sequel. Furthermore—and also surprising to no one—the film will be directed by Man Of Steel’s Zack Snyder. This news comes via The Wall Street Journal, which says that there’s currently no script or a planned release date, but that Warner Bros. is intent on getting a Justice League movie in the works so it can start to catch up to Marvel and its insane 14-year release plan.

Though barely anything is known about Warner Bros. and DC’s plan for The Justice League movie, it’s a safe bet that Henry Cavill will return as Superman, as well as Ben Affleck’s Batman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, and—as announced just last week—Ray Fisher’s Cyborg (All three of whom will be making their first appearances in Batman Vs. Superman: Also Wonder Woman and Cyborg). But you can’t have a Justice League with so few superheroes, so it means that the general public can finally forget about casting rumors for the Man Of Steel sequel and get started on casting rumors for Justice League. Speaking of, The Wrap is currently reporting that Ben Affleck’s best friend (and accomplished actor) Matt Damon is “being sought” to play Aquaman. Obviously that would be perfect, so then it’s just a matter of casting a couple of random teenagers and this Super Friends movie will be on track.

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