Those who enjoyed the cattiness of Jessica Lange’s character on American Horror Story, and then were overjoyed when that cattiness met the cattiness of Zachary Quinto’s character and formed some sort of hissing, roiling storm of thunder-cattiness, you will be relieved to know that Ryan Murphy has officially confirmed Quinto’s return to the series as Lange’s chief antagonist. As previously reported and still destined to be rehashed until well after the second season premiere, the next round of American Horror Story will be a total reboot, this time taking place in “an East Coast institution” with Lange and Quinto playing completely different characters who nevertheless still hate each other. The show is reportedly still in search of its other male co-lead, who may or may not hate one of or both Quinto and Lange.

Meanwhile Deadline confirms that Murphy will present the three other returning first season cast members at tonight’s PaleyFest. Given that reusing Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott could be confusing—and that Frances Conroy, Alexandra Breckenridge, and Sarah Paulson are also scheduled to be on tonight’s panel—perhaps it’s safe to assume that it’s those last three. And if so, somewhere a jilted Dylan McDermott’s naked ass stares at a crumpled tuxedo it has no place to wear.