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Because musical TV shows always turn out well (just ask Smash), Zachary Levi is bringing a new musical comedy series to NBC. According to Deadline, Levi is producing the project alongside Eva Longoria, eyeing the lead role for himself. The half-hour comedy, Turned, will follow an “ambitious New Yorker” who suddenly starts experiencing musical hallucinations. (Kind of like that episode of Scrubs, or that episode of Grey’s Anatomy.) Levi would play the main role, a character who at first rejects the musical interruptions, but then learns to embrace them as they “might lead him on a more fulfilling journey,” because that’s the kind of thing that happens in musicals.


Levi—best known for his work on Chuck—is no stranger to musical theater. His voice acting work for Disney’s Tangled included a duet with Mandy Moore called “I See The Light” (which they performed live at the Oscars). Most recently, he originated a leading role in the Broadway musical comedy First Date.

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