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Zachary Levi is the latest pub-quiz host who can’t hear you (because his quiz is on TV)

From its origins in the United Kingdom, pub quiz (or bar trivia, if you want to be crass about it) has combined two much-loved activities into a single popular pastime: the drinking of alcohol and the recitation of useless facts. Week in and week out, thousands of people in the U.K. and the United States gather together to bend an elbow, prove their ability to match James Bond movie titles to the actor playing 007 in those movies, and shout “Can you repeat No. 2?” at a host stationed somewhere across the room.

Now the company that helped spread the good word about earning $50 toward your bar tab by identifying a 10-second snippet of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” (and then correctly spelling “Rhiannon”) is bringing that experience to TV. Entertainment Weekly reports that Zachary Levi is set to host Geeks Who Drink for Syfy, a televised adaptation of the 600-plus pop-culture-based quizzes hosted across the U.S. by the show’s namesake organization. Episodes of Geeks Who Drink will find two teams battling for trivia supremacy, each led by a celebrity captain who better not look at their smartphones at any time during the quiz. If the series is 100 percent true to its roots, those teams will also have terribly punny names, like the A.V. Club-affiliated groups who briefly dominated Geeks Who Drink quizzes in Austin and Chicago under the banner of Patrick Batman.


Geeks Who Drink debuts July 16 on Syfy.

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