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Zachary Levi is a big fun goofball in the first trailer for Shazam!

Warner Bros. has been using the run-up to this year’s Comic-Con to hype the heck out of its next big superhero offering, Shazam!, showing off star Zachary Levi in costume as the Big Red Cheese, and repeatedly promising that, yes, this will be the “Fun!” superhero movie it’s been resolutely refusing to make for years. Now, it’s finally time to see what all the exclamation-pointed buzz is about, as the studio showed off the first trailer for the film at Comic-Con today.

Credit to Levi and director David Sandberg, then, because this actually looks pretty dang fun, hitting all the notes you might hope for from a story about a teenage kid being gifted with the body and powers of a Superman-esque flying brick. (Or not flying, as the case may be.) There’s still some grit around the edges, obviously—this is still a D.C. superhero movie, after all—but there’s an honest edge of “Gee, this is neat!” to the trailer, gently undercut with a couple of jokes pointing out how goofy it is to run around yelling the name of a popular music-identifying app all the time.

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