Everyone’s made the humiliating, potentially career- or relationship-destroying mistake of accidentally hitting “reply all” on a sensitive e-mail, but did you have the foresight to write a script around that premise and pitch it as a vehicle for skyrocketing comedy superstar Zach Galifianakis? No, you did not do that. A guy named Phil Johnston did that, and so he’s the one who’ll be picking up a fat check from DreamWorks while he gets to work on that idea, with Galifianakis attached to produce as well as star. So yeah, you probably should have done that, but now it’s too late. Maybe you can write a movie about a guy who’s un-friended on Facebook and he has to track down the guy who did it and convince him to take him back, and then ask Steve Carell to be in it. (But he probably won’t. Sorry.)