Zach Braff is in talks to direct Going In Style, a New Line remake of the 1979 movie about a group of old men who get bored and decide to rob a bank. The project seems like a cinematic fast-forward for Braff, whose last two major directing gigs—Garden State and Wish I Was Here—were stories about characters close to his own age (mid-20s and mid-30s, respectively), whom he also portrayed on screen. For the pattern to hold, Braff shouldn’t direct a movie about elderly men for another 30 years, so that his own wrinkled face can give that trademark aloof stare that no Zach Braff production should be without.

However, since Braff will not write Going In Style—the screenplay is courtesy of St. Vincent writer-director Ted Melfi—it’s possible that this film won’t be exactly like Braff’s other movies, which would require at least one of the geriatrics to be a struggling actor and a lot of cathartic screaming after their robbery. But the presence of The Shins on the soundtrack is still pretty much a certainty.