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For guys like Zac Efron, there’s nothing better than getting some bros together and having a good old-fashioned bro-down. Or, barring that, getting some bros together to bro it up. Both are solid. Sometimes, he’ll bro to town and get in a wacky feud with Seth Rogen (who is like a cool older bro), or he’ll grab a couple of bros and they’ll talk about how relationships are tough, and also one of them is Michael B. Jordan from Friday Night Lights. Well, according to Variety, Efron is going to be making another movie about bros, but there’s a twist: This time, the bro in the movie will actually be his brother, not just a close guy friend.


The film is titled Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates, because everything needs an ironically wordy title these days, and it will be about two brothers—the eponymous Mike and Dave, presumably—taking out “an online ad” looking for dates to a wedding. Then, because this is a movie, “the ad goes viral.” We don’t know who will be playing Efron’s brother yet, but it will probably be another big-name bro, because the producers are apparently looking for this film to be as successful as the Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy vehicle The Heat (the two films share a producer, if that weirdly specific comparison was confusing). Also, we don’t know which of the two brothers Efron will be playing, but we’d put our money on Dave. He already played a Mike in 17 Again, so a Dave would be a refreshing challenge for him.

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