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Z Nation renewed for a third season of throwing zombies at the wall

Z Nation

Syfy’s Z Nation is an inexplicably entertaining series. It’s a bunch of post-apocalyptic nonsense pulled together on a budget that’s probably less than craft services on your average indie film, yet somehow it works. And Syfy obviously agrees, as Coming Soon reports the channel has renewed the series for a third season of throwing every insane zombie-related idea against the wall and seeing what sticks (besides brains). That means another 15 episodes, which should get 10K a lot closer to his stated zombie-killing target number.

For those unfamiliar with the insanity that is Z Nation, it’s set three years after a zombie virus destroyed society, with a band of oddballs pulling together to transport Murphy, the only known survivor of the zombie infection, to a lab in California in hopes of developing a cure. Of course, that makes it sound like a serious, straightforward story, when it’s basically the exact opposite. In case a giant rolling wheel of cheese flattening zombies doesn’t let you know what you’re in for, please note that the show also has incredible Universal Soldier writer-director John Hyams serving as a producer and directing most of the series, rescuing a cheapie show created by The Asylum from its likely fate as another “bad jokes and shitty CGI” clunker. If you’re curious, the next episode airs Friday at 10 p.m. ET, and looks like it involves zombie aliens in Roswell. Consider yourselves warned/enticed.


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