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Yvette Nicole Brown tells Stephen Colbert, when it comes to politics, she is nice—but not that nice

Yvette Nicole Brown, Stephen Colbert
Screenshot: The Late Show

Sure, she might still be best known for playing the cooing, unerringly sweet Christian mom Shirley Bennett on Community (catchphrase: “That’s nice!”), but Yvette Nicole Brown will come for you. Not that Brown doesn’t have a lot of Shirley in her—she and Late Show host Stephen Colbert extolled the virtue of giving to the direct-action classroom charity DonorsChoose.org, and the single Brown explained that her online dating life is complicated by guys misinterpreting her innate politeness for romantic interest. But, as anyone who follows the Weird City and Mom star’s very active Twitter account knows, she does not suffer fools, bigots, sexists, homophobes, or garden variety ding-dongs. Like, at all.

As Colbert noted, Brown’s latest 48-hour Twitter beef has been with Starbucks mogul, billionaire, and potential third-party 2020 presidential candidate, Howard Schultz, and his supporters. “Howard, nobody cares,” Brown exclaimed, before calling out rich people looking to opt out of the primary system in order to run a doomed but potentially damaging independent run at this particular point in time, saying “They either don’t care about America, or they’re having, like, this ego fever-dream.” As Colbert pointed out, agreeing that a billionaire “centrist independent” siphoning votes can only help current president and racist, Russia-cuddler Donald Trump, the party primaries are the great leveler, “the natural pressure of the electoral system, and it doesn’t apply to [self-funded billionaire candidates.]”


As far as political pundit guests on Tuesday’s Late Show go, Brown was less boisterous but also less servilely self-promoting than first guest, former New Jersey Governor, failed presidential candidate, and guy still angling for an administration job even after being repeatedly and publicly humiliated for sport, Chris Christie. Christie, the second Colbert guest this week shilling his new tell-all Trump administration book, did tequila shots, bragged about still supporting Donald Trump’s policies, and tried to laugh off Colbert’s jokes about the White House turning into the Kremlin, and the fact that he left office with a 15 percent approval rating. Brown, on the other hand, was all-in on the message of recently announced 2020 candidate Kamala Harris, “We are better than this,” calling the former prosecutor smart, principled, and tough. All qualities which—once again, anyone who’s thrown down with some nonsense online can attest—also applies to Brown. She’s nice, but not that nice.

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