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YouTuber makes the case that all rock songs should feature a gayageum player

(Image: Luna Lee, YouTube)
(Image: Luna Lee, YouTube)

Covering popular songs with an atypical musical instrument is pretty bread-and-butter stuff for the internet, but they’re usually done in the name of a weird gimmick or a fun joke. The songs performed by a YouTube user named Luna Lee are way too impressive to be considered a weird gimmick or a fun joke, though. She plays on a traditional Korean string instrument called a gayageum, and though she sometimes loops in percussion or vocals, it doesn’t make her work any less cool. She even records multiple parts herself and then combines them, making stuff like this fantastic Queen cover possible:

Or this Pink Floyd cover:

Or this solid version of “Paint It Black,” which is even more fun than Westworld’s winking take on the song:

And then there are songs where Luna Lee is just showing off, like on this “Free Bird” cover:

Finally, you can’t have a stringed instrument without playing a little Zeppelin, which also features an amazing solo:

You can read more about Luna Lee on her Patreon page and find the rest of her songs on YouTube.


[via Laughing Squid]

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