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YouTube reactions to the Game Of Thrones finale prove we can’t have nice things

[Obviously there are spoilers to last night’s fifth season finale of HBO’s Game Of Thrones below.]

Many (non-readers) were shocked by the turn of events that found (SERIOUSLY- SPOILERS HERE, PEOPLE) Jon Snow stabbed by members of the Night’s Watch and left in a pool of his own blood. People were not too happy to see yet another lawful good character sacrificed at the altar of George R.R. Martin’s bloodlust. Though as pointed out in the review of the episode by The A.V. Club’s own Erik Adams,

Like nearly every victim of “Mother’s Mercy,” Jon Snow had served his purpose: He was the audience’s eyes on the wall and the good heart that couldn’t change the minds of career warriors and hardened criminals. The significance of the “traitor” sign goes beyond Jon’s oath: his beliefs and his leadership style run counter to the way things are done in the known world.

There’s only so much idealism the harsh world of Westeros will allow before something awful occurs. But knowing such a fate awaits seemingly all who strive for something greater than themselves or their own power didn’t make Snow’s shanking by his men any less shocking.

Fortunately, many people record themselves while watching Game Of Thrones, knowing there will be some shocking twist or another to which they will have a reaction. (“Call the puppy!”) Here’s a supercut of fans who have been burnt many times before getting one more twist of the knife, pun intended, by the show’s architects as Jon Snow (seemingly) shuffles off this mortal coil. As expected, a lot of the reactions quickly devolve into simple obscenities directed at Martin, the showrunners, and the universe at large—so consider the language NSFW.

[via Uproxx]

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