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YouTube is down, so please stand by for the total collapse of human civilization

This would look even cooler if it was moving, goddammit.
Photo: Galerie Bilderwelt (Getty Images)

Look, we don’t know about you, but we rely on YouTube for a lot of shit over the course of a day. What was the theme song to that TV show we watched three times in the 1980s? YouTube’s got it. Need to watch another human being play through the entirety of Chex Quest? YouTube has your back. Children having annoying thoughts, feelings, and noises? Your pal YouTube will step in as babysitter. It’s kind of like our old friend, TV, except without all those pesky demands to work on its schedule all of the time.

All of which is to explain why the entirety of human civilization is now on the brink of collapse, as we enter (at the time of writing this) minute 30 of what appears to be a total YouTube outage, cutting us all off from the life-giving makeup tutorials we NEED to get the right accents over our troubled pores. At least YouTube’s support team appears to be aware of the issue, with bug reports presumably being sent to their offices through those old low-tech favorites, the flaming arrow, the hurled rock, and the berserker barbarian horde.


It’s worth noting that we often rely on YouTube—Fools! Fools, all of us!—to host certain content, including all the trailers accompanying today’s exhaustive, if now painfully static, Halloween streaming guide. (The recommendations still stand, though!) Still, we here at The A.V. Club are sure we’ll be just as able to adapt to the new world order just as well as everybody else; please stand by while we start sending out mobile teams of actors and musicians to recreate, on an individual basis, any funny Community clip that might normally accompany one of our posts.

God damn it, we had, like, the perfect video for this.

UPDATE: Oh thank Christ.

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