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YouTube engineers now trying to kill themselves by making Spider-Man's web-slingers

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When last we checked in on the engineers over at YouTube channel The Hacksmith, they were entertaining us during an unprecedented public health emergency by creating—and fighting each other with—deadly homemade lightsabers. Now, as the world’s doctors, nurses, and medical technicians struggle to keep pace with a global pandemic, the crew are back at it again, putting out videos showing them making devices meant to replicate Spider-Man’s web shooters.

A video documenting the team’s latest work includes footage of them swinging on ropes, sometimes wiping out on the ground and nailing the landing in others. Obviously, for all of us non-radioactive humans, this is not the safest activity. Still, the Hacksmith’s James Hobson has gone ahead and recruited Built IRL’s JT (who has a bit of experience making Spider-Man’s web shooters) to fulfill the childhood dream of falling off tall buildings without dying. After experimenting with a bunch of different tools that might be able to replicate Spider-Man’s weight-bearing webs and wrist-mounted shooters, Hobson ends up with a device good enough to let him mount up in a harness and swing around the ceiling of his workshop.


Fortunately, the video—which, considering the post-production involved, would’ve been shot back in the pre-Covid era—starts off with a reminder not to try any of this stuff at home. We feel it’s probably good to reiterate that point, stressing once again that this is a particularly bad time for viewers to be rigging up fantasy technology designed to be used by characters from comics and movies. Please, just wait a while longer before getting back to work finding new, exciting ways to badly injure yourself. There will be more than enough time to break your back and smash the hell out of your face once everything settles down a bit.

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