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YouTube doesn't want to remember this year, either

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Social media sites and video-sharing platforms have become the photo albums of the digital age, portals into our past that remind us of the good, the bad, and the crushing weight of time that robs us of our very essence. It’s likely, though, that people won’t be spending too much time revisiting 2020, given that one can only glean so much from dim bathroom selfies and pics of the pool party where you got COVID. YouTube agrees, apparently, as it has released a statement today saying its annual “Rewind” video is taking the year off.


Since 2010, YouTube’s gathered a number of its most popular personalities to highlight the year’s trends and, we imagine, divert attention from the swarms of white supremacists and pedophiles gaming its algorithm. Here’s last year’s and here’s 2018's, one of the most hated videos ever published on the site.

This year, though, they’re “taking a break.”

“Whether you love it—or only remember 2018—Rewind has always been a celebration of you,” reads a statement on the platform’s socials. “But 2020 has been different. And it doesn’t feel right to carry on as if it weren’t.”

It’s been a rocky 2020 for YouTube, after all. It’s spent much of the year having to reckon with the thousands” of hours of COVID misinformation that’s been uploaded to site, not to mention the icky fallout of one of its most popular stars, Shane Dawson, who was featured in 2019's Rewind video.

Anyways, who needs six minutes of the “Plandemic” creators doing the Toosie Slide or whatever when YouTube’s already got six seconds of this guy crossing his legs and smashing his balls?

That’s all the content you need right there.

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