Though it’s already cornered the market on videos of kids hilariously crying about things they don’t understand and people freaking out on salvia, YouTube apparently wants more—specifically the respect that comes with being a serious competitor in the video-on-demand market. The Google-owned company has just signed new deals with studios like Universal, Warner Bros., and Sony to begin offering rentals of new films the same day they hit other, more established services like Amazon and iTunes. Ideally, the move would stimulate sales of their Google TV, which exists, as well as fight YouTube’s image as a place primarily to watch all the dumb stuff we named up top, plus AutoTuned remixes of local crime reports. Of course, not simply combining the two seems to be ignoring what could be their selling point: using the already-established YouTube community to create a living, breathing dialogue on the cinema and how it's full of FAIL and is totally gay.