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Robert Evans is making an appointment with cable, and I don’t mean for repairs. Is the hotshot producer behind The Godfather and some of Hollywood’s most influential cocaine stories working up a pay-TV series about the movie business in the 1970s? You bet your ass he is. Is it going to be “much darker than the contemporary inside Hollywood depicted in Entourage”? Brother, you know it. Robert Evans doesn’t wanna be nobody’s superhero. He doesn’t tumble fall for anyone, unless you’re Ali McGraw. And this Love Story is between Evans and his first wife: Lady Showbiz.


Kid, when Evans gets done telling you his loosely autobiographical tale—“similar in tone to Casino,” they say—about one mogul’s rise to power among the mobsters, mountains of drugs, and Midwestern wannabes fresh off the bus, you’re gonna realize there’s only one game of thrones, and Evans is holding all the cards. There’s no network or writers attached yet, but you can imagine HBO is already on the phone, and this time they’re calling to order him.

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