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After three years living on the blood-rich buffet of Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, Drew Barrymore is apparently ready for some somewhat lighter fare (indeed, possibly the lightest fare there is): Daytime talk. Deadline reports that Barrymore—who’s worked extensively as a TV and film producer over the years, and in between her various acting gigs—is taking a stab at the Ellen/Oprah ecosystem, with plans currently in the works to shoot a daytime talk show pilot that could potentially land at CBS.


Deadline also notes that this isn’t Barrymore’s first effort to translate the fact that anyone who thinks about Drew Barrymore goes “Oh, hey! I like her in, an advertiser-friendly, inoffensive sort of way” into potential domination of the noon-adjacent airwaves. She previously attempted to get a similar show off the ground at Warner Bros., and while it didn’t end up coming to fruition as a hypothetical Drew, it did get her a spot judging on CBS’s competition series The World’s Best.

After a few years in which we all just sort of biding our time, waiting for Megyn Kelly to inevitably flounder her way off the air, daytime talk is currently hitting another boom period; Kelly Clarkson, Tamron Hall, and Mel Robbins are all trying to get into the “It’s scary out there, stay home and dance along with the soothing ladies on the TV” game.

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