Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer (Photo: Mark Wilson / Getty)

Staring at their laptops, eyes glazing over as flames consume new wings of the White House every day, Democrats are in the process of figuring out what the hell they’ve been doing wrong all this time. Are they too complacent? Too reliant on Hollywood limousine liberals? Maybe it’s the stickers? Regardless, it’s no stretch at this point to say that Democrats had at least some hand in Donald Trump getting elected.

First things first, however: The 2018 midterm elections are rapidly approaching, and Democrats need a new slogan. The Daily Show’s Matt Negrin led the charge, asking his followers to share their latest text in an effort to find just the perfect one.

The results point towards the ever-burgeoning belief that Democrats are simultaneously starry-eyed, irony-stricken, and lacking the ability to balance multiple areas of focus. Left-leaning voters are concerned at the party’s lack of strong leadership, and while a pronounced emphasis on social justice and multiculturalism is vital, the Dems have struggled to also speak to the concerns of the working-class white Americans that comprise much of the voting base.

Considering all that, many of these texts feel sadly appropriate.


And some struck so close to the bone that they couldn’t help but sting a little.


But the winner is probably this one: