Okay, reality TV connoisseurs: It’s time to come out.

This week, CableTV.com released a map of the reality-television watching habits of people in America, and the results are not surprising. The map features the number one show favored by a state, and then a further breakdown covers the next two popular shows and a correlating fact that’s based on an analysis from Google Trends.


For example, California is rich (“…top 3 nationally for income and median house price”) and prefers to keep up with the Kardashians. The whole of the East Coast would rather engage with the not-so-friendly competition of The Apprentice and America’s Next Top Model, and lighten up with goings-on of Long Island’s favorite (only?) medium. Utah keeps their Sister Wives close, Nevada prides its Pawn Stars, and southern states embrace their Duck Dynasty.

A few surprises pop up because maybe you forgot a show was still on. South Dakota likes to check in on Kate Plus 8 while Kentucky follows along with fellow TLC alum 19 Kids And Counting. Hoarders dominates across the board in ratings and sadness, and if you were worried about anyone who is naked and/or afraid, you can take comfort in knowing three whole states have those guys covered.

[via Daily Dot]