The first trailer for Detective Pikachu was light on the Pokémon cameos, heavy on the whole Ryan Reynolds-is-voicing-the-cute-and-lovable-yellow-fluff-ball thing. After a few months, the shock of a gruff and no-bullshit Reynolds as a caffeine-addicted Pikachu has mostly sunk in, though admittedly still feels weird as fuck that Pokémon: Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds is an actual movie coming out in 2019. But here we are, so why not get a peek at some Pokémon battles already?

While Pokémon diehards might have felt a little disgruntled by the initial footage, the latest trailer is full of more monsters that are both straight-up disturbing and super cute and cuddly. Ludicolo pops up as an adorably weird bartender, and Snorlax snoozes away on a sidewalk while Machamp seems to be putting his multiple arms to use as a traffic cop. Snubbull, Cubone, Eevee, and Lickitung with his long nasty tongue also make appearances. And then there’s Charizard, who bolts into a ring to battle a terrified Pikachu, and a scary looking Mewtwo. Take a look at the new poster to spot even more Pokémon easter eggs.


With Detective Pikachu, you get both a noir mystery as Tim (Justice Smith) searches for his missing father with Pikachu’s help, and an excuse to watch Pokémon duke it out in live-action. Experience Pokémon: Detective Pikachu in all its bizarre, cute glory when it hits theaters May 10.