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Your favorite A.V. Undercover of 2015 was…

Screaming Females

Screaming Females! For the past three seasons the mighty GWAR pillaged its way to the top, but this year ushers in the reign of New Jersey’s Screaming Females. The band’s take on “Shake It Off” was as potent as anything off this year’s Rose Mountain, but with the added shakeablity of Taylor Swift. But cry not for GWAR, for the lovable scumdogs still made the top three, snagging the bronze medal after barely being edged out by another group of returning Undercover vets: They Might Be Giants. For those of you still jonesing for more Undercover goodness, we’ll have Holiday Undercovers running through the end of the year, and a few bonus ones to start 2016 off right.


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