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Your bladder will be relieved to learn Avengers: Infinity War has only 1 post-credits scene

Avengers: Infinity War
Photo: Disney/Marvel

As befits a movie featuring 60 or more characters—including several of whom have their own franchises—Avengers: Infinity War has the longest runtime of any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to date, clocking in at 156 minutes. That sounds like just enough time to find the last Infinity Stone, show us how the Asgardian refugees were waylaid, provide some closure for Iron Man and Captain Fugitive, and, as long as we’re putting together a wish list here, include multiple scenes of the female Avengers interacting with each other.

As the penultimate film in phase 3 of the MCU, Infinity War has a lot of threads to tie together, which you’d think would necessitate multiple mid- and/or post-credits scenes. But it sounds like directors Joe and Anthony Russo have taken our bladders into consideration, and will only require moviegoers to hang around for a single stinger after its climactic battle(s). Following the Los Angeles premiere of Infinity War, ScreenRant reports there is only one button scene, albeit one that comes at the very end of the credits. The scene will likely be kept under wraps longer than most stingers, as Marvel emissary Thanos has forbidden spoiling any part of the film. Although we don’t know the contents or the length of the button, we can now time our bathroom breaks—or, if this really is the end for some of our favorite heroes, we may have already cried out the jumbo sodas that came with our popcorn.


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