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Young person Ryan Reynolds to add some much-needed virility to Kevin Costner CIA thriller

An adult Ryan Reynolds on Nickelodeon's Fifteen

The casting for director Ariel Vromen’s Criminal has been pretty solid so far. It already has Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, and Tommy Lee Jones, so the only thing it’s really missing is a young person to run in and shout, “Hey, what’s with all of these old people? Am I right, fellow teens?” Thankfully—as reported by VarietyVromen seems to have found the perfect young person in professional young person Ryan Reynolds.

The film’s plot concerns the memories of a dead CIA agent being put in the brain of a prison inmate so that he can yadda yadda foil some evil plot. We’re not sure about the specifics, but since we don’t really know who Costner, Oldman, Jones, or Reynolds will be playing, it sounds like the people making the movie aren’t sure about them either. Reynolds could be the villain, with all of the old people working together to metaphorically stomp out the evilness of youth, or he could be the CIA agent who dies. That way, he’ll get young people in the theater, but he won’t take any screen time away from the old people.


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