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Young, hot Alfred will meet young, hot Lucius Fox in second season of EPIX's Pennyworth

Screenshot: EPIX

Pennyworth, the only show where you get to see Batman’s butler fuck, returns to EPIX in December for the first half of its second season. We weren’t too hot on the Batman prequel’s first outing, but the fast-paced spy series’ new episodes promise the introduction of a key character in the DC universe: Lucius Fox.


Lucius, who was played by Morgan Freeman in Christopher Nolan’s Batman films and Chris Chalk on Gotham, will here be portrayed by His Dark Materials’ Simon Manyonda. Described in a press release as “a young American scientist, precise to the point of pedantry, deliberately calm, honest, and direct to a fault,” the character will no doubt be introducing some new tools into Alfie’s arsenal.

You can catch a brief glimpse of him in the below trailer for the season, which also counts Altered Carbon’s James Purefoy among its main cast.

Pennyworth returns on December 13. After airing two episodes and a two-part mid-season finale, the show will return with additional episodes sometimes in 2021.

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