While the particulars of what exactly happened at the end of Game Of Thrones episode “The Door” remain a somewhat open question, what we do know is that Astral Projection Bran completely ruined the life of a perfectly able-minded Winterfell stable boy just to buy him a few minutes’ time running away from zombies about 20 years later. That probably makes Bran kind of a dick, but it definitely makes Hodor the most tragic character on the show. (Ned Stark spent a season practically begging for someone to cut his head off; young Wylis was simply trying to water the goddamned horses.)

Sam Coleman—the 19-year-old British actor who played a shockingly uncanny young version of 40-year-old Kristian Nairn (“Hodor!”)—gave the character a farewell worthy of his cosmic misfortune in the form of this stirring elegy that he composed and performed before posting it to Soundcloud last week. Coleman says he “Got bored, made this for a laugh.” A laugh, he says. A laugh to hide the pain, no doubt.

Weep not too bitterly for this talented young thespian, though. For he shall very likely have his revenge when he makes his film debut as a mentally disturbed young man in the forthcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel Leatherface.

[via Rolling Stone]