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You'll soon be able to get shitfaced at Disneyland, courtesy of Star Wars

Photo: David Gilliver / Barcroft Images (Getty Images)

Once upon a time, those who wished to experience Disneyland the way god intended it—drunk—had precious few options available to them. You could drink before you got there, sure, but then you’d run the risk of a tragic mid-line loss of buzz. You could try to smuggle in some booze, too, but then you’re potentially incurring the smiling wrath of the park’s legendarily efficient security forces. Or you could try to go legit and shell out an absolutely ridiculous amount of money—$25,000 a year, plus $10,000 in annual dues—for one of the extremely limited memberships to the fabled Club 33, the only place in the park—outside of the separate Disney California Adventure—where alcohol is served. Obviously, this is not an option that’s feasible for most prospective inebriated teacuppers.

Now, though, Walt’s tyranny of sobriety is about to be broken, and it’s all thanks to Star Wars. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Disney let slip some details on its upcoming Star Wars-themed “Galaxy’s Edge” series of attractions, including a bar based loosely on the Mos Eisley Cantina where you’ll apparently be able to get fucked up on that good blue milk, just like your ol’ pal Luke.

According to Disney, Oga’s Cantina will feature familiar faces, strange foods, and, again—not to fixate—“libations for adults,” which a spokesperson later confirmed was amusement park buzzword for “Yes, fine, you can drink. Please don’t throw up on the droids.” (No promises!) Now, these’ll probably come in the form of elaborate, expensive, sugar-filled cocktails—no “Space whiskey, neat”—but it’s still a pretty big shift for the park’s policies. (We also assume it will make the Club 33 people mad, but whatever, at least you can drink at this Disney watering hole while still wearing your flip-flops and sweatpants.)


Oga’s Cantina and Galaxy’s Edge are set to open in 2019.

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