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You win this one, candy-asses: Dwayne Johnson won't be in Fast And Furious 9

Illustration for article titled em/emYou win this one, candy-asses: Dwayne Johnson wont be in iFast And Furious 9 /i
Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

Well, here’s some news on Fast And Furious 9 that should make Tyrese Gibson—and only Tyrese Gibson—happy: Dwayne Johnson is too busy with Hobbs & Shaw to appear in Fast And Furious 9, meaning the producers won’t have to deal with Gibson’s absurd threat to walk away from the franchise if they chose the Rock over him. Seriously, who would choose Tyrese Gibson over Dwayne Johnson for anything other than a contest to see who can say the most sexist bullshit? Anyway, Vin Diesel is probably pretty happy about this as well, seeing as how he was the “candy-ass” who Johnson called out a few years ago, and now he’ll once again be the biggest star in the next Fast And Furious movie (assuming someone more famous than The Rock doesn’t sign on to play another new villain).

In the end, though, this is merely a brief respite from the oppressive terror of Dwayne Johnson’s all-around likeability and charisma, as The Rock also suggested to MTV that he might return for Fast 10 at some point “down the road.” After all, as he says, there’s some “unfinished business between Hobbs and Dom” that they’ll have to work out if the two actors can agree to be in the same room together once again.

Hobbs & Shaw, which sees Johnson teaming up with Jason Statham, will be in theaters this year. Fast And Furious 9 will be out in 2020—a delay that you-know-who blamed on you-know-who.

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