Photo: YouTube

Pure, unadulterated glee has been a rare commodity in the past few months. Swedish snowmobile freestyler (it’s a thing!) Daniel Bodin, however, is a very happy human. Perhaps we will never experience joy like his when he landed the first-ever double backflip on a snowmobile. Red Bull captured Bodin’s trick from multiple angles. But even more impressive than the trick itself is how Bodin conjures so much positive emotional energy when he sticks the landing. The three-time X-Games gold medalist immediately starts screaming and pumping his fists, celebrating his accomplishment, which was no small feat.

According to Red Bull, the double backflip became the Holy Grail of snowmobile freestyling when Levi Lavallee first attempted it at the X-Games in 2009. He didn’t land it. In 2011, Justin Hoyer went for it but also crashed. The trick remained elusive until Bodin swooped in and crushed it.


“I did it! I can’t believe I did it! The rush!” Bodin said. “It just can’t be described—nobody in this world can understand the feeling. I’ve nurtured the dream about nailing this trick more than two years.”

Even he doesn’t think other people are capable of this joy. What does that kind of happiness feel like? We’re trying to remember. The closest we’ve come to being that ecstatic is earlier today when Beyoncé announced she’s pregnant with twins.