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Courtney Love’s been stepping up the small-screen acting, having nabbed roles on Revenge, Empire, and the final season of Sons Of Anarchy. But those were really just guest spots that didn’t allow her to fuck shit up very much. For example, she played a schoolteacher on SOA—we mean, who asks Courtney Love to lead recess? Well, her latest role looks like it will allow Love a little more room for maneuvering and machinations. Variety reports that Love’s just signed on to Lifetime’s adaptation of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

When we previously reported on the developing project—to which Lifetime will be applying its special, revisionist touch—it was described as the horror anthology of Shakespeare’s midsummer’s nightmares. That is, incidentally, the title—A Midsummer’s Nightmare. Though it’s now being dubbed a psychological thriller, the series will still follow Shakespeare’s four young lovers, with Love playing a “mysterious woman in the woods who is part of the sinister forces that turn the lovers’ dream getaway into a nightmare.” We hope that includes a song or two.


Production is already underway; most of the lead cast is in place, including Dominic Monaghan and Chelsea Gilligan, the latter previously of the Shakespeare-adjacent Star-Crossed.

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