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You wanted it, you got it: It's Black Sabbath's "War Pigs," but with lyrics about Home Alone

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Screenshot: Daniel Edelman (War Pigs But It’s About Home Alone)

Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” is an enduring anti-war song. Released in 1970, the track is general—and just plain evil-sounding—enough that it works as a condemnation of human brutality even outside of the context of its specific political era. That said, as versatile as the song may be, its use as the sonic basis for a recap of the Home Alone plot is not exactly something we’d seen coming.


Daniel Edelman’s War Pigs But It’s Home Alone, like it says on the tin, is a song that takes the familiar sounds of the Paranoid opener and replaces lyrics about callous politicians finally receiving their cosmic comeuppance with...a retelling of that fateful Christmas when Kevin McCallister was left home alone.

There are lines about Joe Pesci’s head being set on fire, plain cheese pizza, and “Buzz...screaming about his things” once he’s returned home to see his porn-filled lair ruined by Kevin. Air raid sirens wail and Edelman’s Osbourne soundalike narrator repeatedly cries out “Oh, Kevin!” in a stirring echo of Catherine O’Hara’s maternal torment. It’s all exceedingly dumb, but approached with such sincerity that it’s hard not to enjoy. The instrumental is still killer and Edelman’s take on Ozzy’s nasally vocal style suits lines like “Wet Bandits run and cower/Marley’s shovel strikes with power.”


Anyway, enjoy this kind of parody now before Disney figures out a way to sue you into the dirt for even attempting to evoke its recently-acquired intellectual property.

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