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You’ve got questions, the cast of Sesame Street has answers

Photo: Bert and Ernie (Wired)

Google’s autocomplete has been known to turn up some strange queries, but it’s also a helpful way to get a sense of what people are wondering about. So Wired invited the cast of Sesame Street to answer some of the most-searched questions about the show. Specifically Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar The Grouch, The Count, Cookie Monster, Grover, Rosita, and Abby Cadabby are on hand to provide answers and clear up misconceptions. And during the course of the eight-minute video, the inquires range from “How does Sesame Street change the world?” to “How does Sesame Street get celebrities?” to “What species is Big Bird?” to “Is Sesame Street real?”

Throughout the video, the Sesame Street characters show off their iconic blend of wholesome positivity and winking jokes. For instance, the question of how to get to Sesame Street invokes a mix of metaphorical and practical answers before Cookie Monster finally deadpans, “Uber.” There’s also some genuine trivia mixed in as well. It turns out Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid, Elmo has both a mom and a dad, and Big Bird’s official species is “Bigus canarius.” Plus Cookie Monster also takes a moment to clear up the “vicious rumor” that he’s been changed to Veggie Monster. He’s still a cookie fan—he just eats vegetables sometimes too now.


Unfortunately, Wired leaves the biggest Sesame Street question unasked. It uses the word “where” for its Bert and Ernie autocomplete because the word “are” produces this timeless question:


With Wired diplomatically skirting the issue, Bert and Ernie’s relationship remains as ambiguous as ever. But really, who needs labels anyway?

[via Laughing Squid]


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