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You’ve earned this video of Logan Paul getting the shit punched out of him

Photo: Frederick M. Brown (Getty Images)

This just seems to be Logan Paul’s thing now. Less than six months after getting pummeled in his decidedly lame pay-per-view boxing match, Paul volunteered to get punched into submission for more of those precious likes and views. Thankfully, a video of the consensual beatdown was posted free of charge to Instagram where you can view it at your leisure. Go ahead. You’ve put up with a lot of Logan Paul content. You’ve earned this.


The man doing the punching here is up-and-coming professional boxer Ryan Garcia who currently has a 17-0 record (including 14 knockouts) and was the guest last week on Logan Paul’s presumably insufferable podcast, Impaulsive. Unfortunately for all of us, Paul was wearing a body protector throughout the ordeal and took an incredibly fake dive at the end before any real damage was done. Still, there is something cathartic about watching an incredibly wealthy, obnoxious YouTube star take body blow after body blow.

Paul likely knows this, which is why he’s capitalizing on the “watch somebody punch the shit out of me” entertainment market. As long as this type of content isn’t behind a paywall, we’re not complaining.


[via The Daily Dot]

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