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You, too, can live like a star with Grimes' spaghetti, hotdog, and toast-centric meal plan

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To become a successful artist, it’s important to adhere to a strict regimen that hones the body and mind to their utmost. In the case of Grimes, who recently released the excellent album, Miss Anthropocene, we’ve already been familiarized with her (totally serious) description of a training routine that consists of deprivation tank isolation, sword-fighting and screaming sessions, and the use of an experimental, blue light-removing eye surgery.

Now, filling in the blank spots left behind by this partial vision of her lifestyle secrets, Grimes has returned to detail the food any aspiring musician needs to be eating to achieve her level of success.

In the latest entry to Harper’s Bazaar’s Food Diaries video series, Grimes discusses dietary staples like her version of “butter toast,” which involves “melting a stick of butter on a plate” and then soaking toast in it and applying a bit of jam. Though pregnancy has required her to change her habits, Grimes says she doesn’t like anything but “carbs and fat,” describing broccoli as “vile” and saying she “[hates] fruit.” Following this, she explains past meal plans, like being “vegan” during the Art Angels tour and “only eating spaghetti” for a year or two until her “hair stopped growing” and a doctor told her she was malnourished.


Elsewhere in the video, she explains how to make “Sludge,” which is a dish that consists of couscous, vegan mayonnaise, sriracha, celery, tomatoes, and steamed spinach mixed together into an edible glop, and extols the virtues of hotdogs. “I love hotdogs because they don’t kill cows for hotdogs,” she explains. “You can eat hotdogs without guilt if you need meat, but you still have vegan tendencies or you want to try to avoid creating demand for stuff because it’s just all the waste—all the extra product.”

So there you have it. If you’re a struggling musician, tirelessly working to perfect your craft, but still looking for that secret edge that’s led others to mainstream success, just follow Grimes’ path to stardom by living a lifestyle filled with butter-marinated toast, bowls of Sludge, and plenty of hotdogs.

[via Stereogum]

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